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How to use the Process section?

The Process section is like a sticky menu allowing visitors to navigate inside a case study. It should not be mistaken with your portfolio navigation, used to navigate between portfolio pages.

To add a sticky Process section to your case study:

  • Open up a case study in edit mode.
  • Click Add section (+) between two sections.
  • Choose Process.

To customize your Process section:

  • Click on the name of the steps (First step) to change their names.
  • Add more steps by hovering between two steps and clicking the plus (+) button.
  • To delete a step, hover over the step and click on the (X) button in the top-right corner.

To Link your Process steps to case study sections:

  • Click Link section to step under each step.
  • In the modal, choose the section you want to link to.

Link every step in your Process section; otherwise, it will not work correctly.

If your process section is not working (not sticking to the top of your page when scrolling):

  • This is caused because you've deleted a section previously linked in the Process section. Please, re-link your sections, and the Process section will be sticky again.
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